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Even when they don’t feel to you like commercials

June 15th, 2006 · Comments Off on Even when they don’t feel to you like commercials

Bloggercon 4 (5? 6?) is gearing up (wish I could go!) and one of Dave’s ground rules there is “No commercials!”

I got in trouble with Dave Winer on a mail list back when I was young and naive and very full of Feedster. (Well, two out of those three, anyway.) I was bubbling over with genuine, non-commercially-motivated, sincerely-felt enthusiasm for the wonderful company I worked for and its glorious product–back then Feedster was about the only option for subscribe-to-blogsearch.

Dave explains:

…if one person talks about his or her product, then their competitors will feel they are entitled to, and pretty soon the user’s needs are drowned out by the needs of the vendors.

The fact is, it takes a lot of organization and planning to run a successful unconference. I hope that I’m on the scene for Bloggercon N + 1.

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Curbing my evangelical enthusiasm?

January 13th, 2006 · Comments Off on Curbing my evangelical enthusiasm?

When I was working for Feedster, I drank all their Koolaid. I played with every feature and got excited about all the new ways that other people dreamed up to use it. Reading what Robert Scoble and Dave Winer have to say about product “evangelism,” I’m wondering if I should try to change my style.

Robert Scoble speaks out for low-key, rational evangelism:

[Guy Kawasaki] looks at the products he’s evangelizing as a “cause.” I don’t look at the world that way….But, go even further. I really don’t want religious customers. I want skeptical, educated, pragmatic customers.

Dave Winer adds:

Scoble’s method works better. I’m tired of hearing about your religion. I’m not that way. I think computers are tools, not causes. My use of the computer, that’s a cause.

Now I’m working for Love the people, love the product, excited about the company. Well, I wouldn’t be working for them if it wasn’t so. But Ookles is not a cause, not a religion, not something that my friends all “have to” believe in. It’s an unexplored tech opportunity that I’m looking forward to becoming an expert on playing with.

But if, once the whole thing starts playing out in public forums–if you see me guykawasaki-ing in a way that make you uncomfortable, please let me know. And let’s still be friends. I mean, Feedster was far from perfect but every complaint we got helped us make the product better.

p.s. One day later, one more reason to admire Scoble’s Microsoft evangelism, his contribution to the “Is Google Evil?” meme:

“Hey, Larry and Sergey, can you please return our evil where it belongs?”

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When is a blog not a blog?

August 31st, 2005 · Comments Off on When is a blog not a blog?

When it’s a spam blog.

(12:11:06) feedster2003: ok. well to us you’re a spammer. You’re creating thousands of pages with no original content on them solely by ripping off other things and services.

(12:14:02) wgkollock: I see, I thought the people wanted their info used as free content, I really sorry about this. However it does clear up a problem I had Itohught the script did not work.

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Full moon over blogland

February 24th, 2005 · 1 Comment

There’s a bloggy full moon rising tonight.

I caught sight of it yesterday in JR’s Duly Noded*.

I’m using Feedster right now to follow the full moon rising over our blogs…

The first “full moon” I saw was in Pondicherry

As the full moon rose over the Indian Ocean, first red with the last light of the sun, then bright bright as it rose higher and higher….

Moonshine over London last night sent LiveJournalist liquidhotmegs off for a wild and happy ride…

the moon was so full it threw long shadows across the road and within seconds I was in my element, a little Honda civic, standard of course, pumping the clutch, the music loud and urgent, and despite the cold we thrust back the sun roof and I saw a familiar road and idly commented that Dundalk was that way and before I knew what was happening we were gunning it towards grey county…

And over at Flickr, just look at the photos tagged “moon”…

Here it comes, up over the horizon, right into my blog and maybe into yours…”The moon like a flower in heaven’s high bower,” said Blake, which in mellowspeak would be “Oh, wow, look at the moon.”

* Hope you don’t mind that I borrowed your moon, JR, I just thought it would look great in this professional skyscape by Dennis Mammana. But decide for yourself–do you like the moon there or don’t you?

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scamcitytm, or How not to make money from blogging…

January 25th, 2005 · Comments Off on scamcitytm, or How not to make money from blogging…

Hey, Robert Scoble! This blogger has you beat!

With more than a million words posted since September (and a boatload of free Blogger sites), “scamcitytm” must be the most prolific blogger yet. Just a few samples, from his/her wide range of interests:

“salam pax blog information exists in a large variety of formats and genres (facts, opinions, salam pax blog stories, interpretations and so on)… We undertook this research initially for ourselves because we have a genuine interest in salam pax blog. We now wish to share this information with you so that you can directly benefit from our research…”

“If you are truly interested in the very best in website design programs then be sure you click the link above. We have researched the website design programs subject extensively and can guarantee that the people have the best….”

If you have spent countless hours searching for single greek women information, relax, put up your feet because you have landed at web site which is a single greek women gold mine…”

Sad to say–and especially sad if you have spent countless hours searching for single greek women information–scamcitytm’s links all seem to lead to the same webpage, which has no information about salam pax blog, web design, medication programs, macromedia player, “halifax equitable life”, or even single Greek women, but does have a giant helping of Google ads.

I guess bloggers have truly arrived, if somebody like scamcitytm wants to be one.

p.s. Google search results for “large variety of formats and genres” — 8,610 hits, most of which look verrrrry famililar…

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Amazon wrassling for new associates

January 18th, 2005 · Comments Off on Amazon wrassling for new associates

does not equal

It just so happens that when
Longing for the Harmonies came out, Frank and I were a tad bit distracted elsewhere. But now we’re baaaaack, and trying to make sense out of what we’re supposed to do about it. [I posted the table of contents here.]

As a longtime geeky fan of Amazon, I’ve been messing around over there with their bells and whistles. And do they ever have a lot of both!

I signed up as an Associate, stuck more Amazon links onto my blog, put an Alexa toolbar on my blog, got my own page of Friends and Associates, wrote a review of a Lafuma mesh recliner I really liked,…and now I’m starting to think, wait a minute! I’m stuck to the tarbaby here, getting deeper and deeper, losing to this Amazon alligator, and mixing my metaphors too! What do all these things have to do with Longing for the Harmonies?

BTW, many thanks to Jason Kottke for showing me how to create an Amazon text link that links to the page I want.

Oh, and a million more thanks to the people who bought LFTH and other stuff from my Amazon Associate account–you guys are the greatest!

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Other people’s pictures: Swedish TV

December 11th, 2004 · Comments Off on Other people’s pictures: Swedish TV

The Swedish television Nobel page links to lots of fun jsp popups that don’t have independent URLs of their own. For the benefit of my non-Swedish readers, I’ve mis-translated a few of the links you might click.

Nobelpriser och festmingel:
Nobel ceremony and party-mingle (Still shots of Nobel ceremony and banquet.)
Vem bar snyggaste klänningen?
Who is wearing the most beautiful clothing? (Royalty and others walk downstairs to banquet hall.)
Snillen och glitter på tidigare fester
Nobel glittererati of the past, including Nobel ice cream from years ago and two photos of Gunter Grass jitterbugging!
Toner av Mozart underhöll gästerna
Mozart’s music adds tone to any occasion (Video from ceremony and banquet.)

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At the feet of Gustav Vasa…

December 9th, 2004 · Comments Off on At the feet of Gustav Vasa…

TenLaureates: Nobel laureates in chemistry, medicine, and physics, 2004.

Today (December 9), the Nobel Foundation threw a huge party in Stockholm’s monumental Nordiska Museum. I joined the many official photographers there in snapping some pictures as well as in eating and drinking. Here, the statue of Gustav Vasa (1496-1560) looks on as ten Nobel laureates line up in front of his toes.

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October 23rd, 2004 · Comments Off on

I’d call this is a howl, in a kind of sad ha-ha way.

In other news, Bush is keeping us safe from Kerry–oops, I mean from terrorists and wolf packs–just as his ads promise.

The federal government just started running background checks on all foreigners
who apply to our flight schools. Way to go, guys, that took you only 37
months. We do understand that those tax cuts were much more urgent.

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Honky Tonkers for Truth

October 12th, 2004 · Comments Off on Honky Tonkers for Truth

Honky Tonkers for Truth is burning up airwaves with a new country foot-stomper–
Takin’ My Country Back“.

I downloaded the 30-sec sample, loved it, pulled the whole four-minute song, and set up my iTunes to play it again and again.

I got the link from buridan in #JoiIto and two minutes later saw it getting plugged over at Joho. It’s a meme, folks, pass it on to the next blog!

Yee haw, as we country music fans holler in West Cambridge!

* I like really old stuff like “T for Texas” and funny stuff like “Tennessee Bird Walk.”

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