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Looking back, and looking forward

January 1st, 2010 · Comments Off on Looking back, and looking forward

NH strawberry season

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Hello, 2010, you already look so appealing, even under a faint sugar frosting of newfallen snow. Farewell and very good riddance to the now-past noughties, from Bush’s Florida recount to the disasters his team left behind.

This picture is here to remind me of all the many things that are now better than they were when I was a little girl. The Merrimack River, once full of untreated sewage and factory waste, is now full of fish and dotted with boats in the summer. (Oh how Republicans complained about its cleanup!) I can find strawberries even in January, good ones, even! And I can drink black coffee any time I want to, because I’m a grown-up.

Let’s make our next decade a good one, thinking big picture thoughts and letting them guide us.

Let’s not end up looking back, ten years into the future, with head-shaking regrets. Let our 2020 vision be better than this one!

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