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Things happen in layers, or our lives look simpler in RSS

July 22nd, 2009 · 1 Comment

Things happen in layers

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How very complex are the surfaces that confront us, walking through real life. And yet how much simpler they seem if considered as a succession of layers, each layer with its own time stamp and simple description.

Consider this Krakow wall’s layers as a series of event reports in some kind of blog. Translating its RSS feed into English, a few entries follow:

Description: Surface layer of city grime

pubDate: multiple/ongoing
Description:Graffiti incident, Antoni & Malgorzata

pubDate: 1987
Description: Broken fragments of stucco re-expose brick wall

pubDate: 1974
Description: Deterioration of paint starts to re-expose stucco

pubDate: 1943
Description: Painted stucco layer on top of brick wall

pubDate: 1934

I’m thinking back on my own life as a series of layers — heartfelt events whose legacy remains even when others succeed them. What would your life’s RSS feed say about you?

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