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Gimli, son of Groin

September 11th, 2007 · 2 Comments


DM of the Rings” is a wonderfully comic rework of Lord of the Rings–images from the movie with cartoon dialog from a bunch of guys playing the story as a D & D game. Just for example…

  • Frodo aka “Dave’s character”: Do we all have to be hobbits? My stats are rubbish!
    Aragorn: I’m not a hobbit. I get to be a ranger!
  • Sam: Look at those guys! I’m going to need a stepladded just to stab them in the knees.
  • Legolas: My character is a man!
    Aragorn: Your character portrait says different-Meow!

Really fun, really silly–and I swear I’ve played D&D with every one of these guys. Heck, I remember when was one of these guys!

Thanks, Akma, for the great link to nerdiferous humor–and happy birthday, Akma!

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