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Goddess ready to seize our hero by his hair

April 29th, 2007 · No Comments

Marble goddess

Originally uploaded by Trithemius.

Songs that make us cry — one of my favorites, not on the AV club list is “16th Avenue” sung by Lacy J. Dalton.

From the corners of the country

From the cities and the farms

With years and years of living

Tucked up underneath their arms

They walk away from everything

Just to see a dream come true

So God bless the boys who make the noise

On 16th Avenue

I don’t hear Lacy singing only of back-up guitarists. To me this song celebrates geeks of every variety (scientists, poets, programmers…) who woke up one young morning to hear the goddess whisper that–somewhere out there–live people who care about the stuff they do.

An idea that sets your life on a new path was imagined by Homer as a goddess, grabbing the hero’s attention–or, in case of emergency, seizing his hair.

When I hear “16th Avenue,” I re-remember just how grateful I am that the kids who tormented me for being a “brain” no longer inhabit my days or show up in dreams. I’m glad of the friendship of so many folks who, just like me, left home looking for our own 16th Avenue.

(p.s. I found this topic via the always-inspiring and lovable AKMA)

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