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Two rhinos with more love trouble than Britney Spears

April 27th, 2007 · No Comments


Originally uploaded by zombie squirrels.

Andalas the male mini-rhino, who likes to play kissing games with his male zookeepers, is still jetlagged and mopey two months after being shipped to Sumatra from the LA Zoo.

Meanwhile, his potential mate Ratu ” almost came to grief a couple of years ago when she wandered out of the enclosed area and into a village where terrified elders mistook her for a mythical pig-man believed to be responsible for raping their women and tried to kill her. Police and sanctuary officials chased Ratu for hours, finally recapturing her after she fell into a sewage pit.”

What’s the happiest ending to this rhino story? A mating ritual involving razor-sharp rhino teeth–and then, if the luck of these two star-crossed rhinos changes, maybe, just maybe cute baby Sumatran rhinos.

Surely Ratu and Andalas deserve some good luck this time!

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