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Ex-bookie London taxi driver part of conspiracy?

September 5th, 2005 · No Comments

The waitress with a British-y’all hybrid accent who just got back after 10 years in Memphis. The elegant housekeeper who has “managed” historic houses around the world. The taxi driver with 4 ads for his new book decorating the back of his high-topped London cab.

“It’s a book of racing stories, each one with a twist,” Roy Granville told us. “No sex, no violence. No four-letter words–well, no four-letter words for swearing.” Of course our friend Naomi now owns a copy of Baxter and the Bookies (its BBC review)–it is delightful.

When I first came to London, a friend told me his theory that many apparent “Londoners” had in fact been hired from Central Casting to play the parts of typically English eccentrics. I wouldn’t discount that, based on my experience.

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