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Full moon over blogland

February 24th, 2005 · 1 Comment

There’s a bloggy full moon rising tonight.

I caught sight of it yesterday in JR’s Duly Noded*.

I’m using Feedster right now to follow the full moon rising over our blogs…

The first “full moon” I saw was in Pondicherry

As the full moon rose over the Indian Ocean, first red with the last light of the sun, then bright bright as it rose higher and higher….

Moonshine over London last night sent LiveJournalist liquidhotmegs off for a wild and happy ride…

the moon was so full it threw long shadows across the road and within seconds I was in my element, a little Honda civic, standard of course, pumping the clutch, the music loud and urgent, and despite the cold we thrust back the sun roof and I saw a familiar road and idly commented that Dundalk was that way and before I knew what was happening we were gunning it towards grey county…

And over at Flickr, just look at the photos tagged “moon”…

Here it comes, up over the horizon, right into my blog and maybe into yours…”The moon like a flower in heaven’s high bower,” said Blake, which in mellowspeak would be “Oh, wow, look at the moon.”

* Hope you don’t mind that I borrowed your moon, JR, I just thought it would look great in this professional skyscape by Dennis Mammana. But decide for yourself–do you like the moon there or don’t you?

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