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scamcitytm, or How not to make money from blogging…

January 25th, 2005 · No Comments

Hey, Robert Scoble! This blogger has you beat!

With more than a million words posted since September (and a boatload of free Blogger sites), “scamcitytm” must be the most prolific blogger yet. Just a few samples, from his/her wide range of interests:

“salam pax blog information exists in a large variety of formats and genres (facts, opinions, salam pax blog stories, interpretations and so on)… We undertook this research initially for ourselves because we have a genuine interest in salam pax blog. We now wish to share this information with you so that you can directly benefit from our research…”

“If you are truly interested in the very best in website design programs then be sure you click the link above. We have researched the website design programs subject extensively and can guarantee that the people have the best….”

If you have spent countless hours searching for single greek women information, relax, put up your feet because you have landed at web site which is a single greek women gold mine…”

Sad to say–and especially sad if you have spent countless hours searching for single greek women information–scamcitytm’s links all seem to lead to the same webpage, which has no information about salam pax blog, web design, medication programs, macromedia player, “halifax equitable life”, or even single Greek women, but does have a giant helping of Google ads.

I guess bloggers have truly arrived, if somebody like scamcitytm wants to be one.

p.s. Google search results for “large variety of formats and genres” — 8,610 hits, most of which look verrrrry famililar…

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