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NYT and WSJ at Bloggercon: My favorite bits

October 4th, 2003 · 1 Comment

  • Len Apcar, NYT editor: Nick Kristof’s work for the New York Times is essentially like a weblog.
  • Len Apcar: I don’t think we would get into proprietary processes–how we make up the front page, for example, or how a tip becomes a story–on a day by day basis. Do we have visitors come into the page one meeting in New York? Yes. Do we talk about this stuff ad nauseam to journalism classes? Yes. But we’re not ready to see it daily in a blog.
  • James Taranto, WSJ Opinion Journal editor: The Trent Lott story, which Josh Marshall was instrumental in bringing out, really got rolling in the weblogs. But I don’t think the story would have gone as far as it did unless the big media got the story and started digging into it.
  • James Taranto: What happened in the Raines situation was not that bloggers like Andrew Sullivan forced the hand of the New York Times. It was that people inside the NYT started using Romanesko’s page as a bulletin board to post their frustrations.

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