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Bloggercon education panel: my favorite bits

October 4th, 2003 · 3 Comments

  • Dave Weinberger, JOHO: Is it the opinion of the panel that weblogging is a life skill, and everyone should learn it? Or is it like singing, that not everybody should do it in public?
  • Pat Delaney, Homo Ludens: Yes, there is universal access to the internet for students who live in districts with good web connections and capable tech support. That shuts out many, many kids in urban districts.
  • AKMA Disseminary: MIT’s open courseware is not a blog–but it’s a way of dismantling the institutional structure of education. For example, it breaks the structure that says you can only learn between September and June, you can only learn in a classroom watching a teacher.
  • Britt Blaser: Blogging is new. I think we need to celebrate the advances rather than complaining that we aren’t there yet.
  • Pat Delaney: I think there’s someplace where we can be strident–and that’s the question of equity. We can do it if people push for the commons to support it.
  • Kevin Marks, Epeus Epigone: Blogging is not selective by race, it’s selective by electricity. Also, you can’t really blog if you haven’t mastered the basic skills of reading and writing.
  • Pat Delaney: Blogging has worked well for my school, but we have an unusual situation. Usually, system admins, designers, and teachers do not like to talk to each other.

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